SalsaLina is a privately owned dance studio, offering high-quality Latin Dance instruction and practice sessions in a modern, friendly atmosphere. The studio was inspired by the enthusiasm of local dancers, hungry for new and challenging styles of dance.

Instruction is at all levels of ability, the style is On One (1) and On Two (2) nightclub.

Owner E. Victoria Moore instructs all levels of Salsa classes.

Basic classes are designed around the repetition of footwork, steps, and turns, leading and following skills. The goal is to get everybody comfortable with basic dance fundamentals and techniques. These classes are suitable for anyone who has never danced or would like to better his/her rudiments.

Intermediate classes have the prerequisite of basic footwork, steps, and turns, leading and following techniques. In each class, the basics are reviewed and new footwork and patterns are added.

Our master workshops are held once a month and cover intricate footwork and patterns. Out visiting, instructors are accomplished professionals from New York City, Boston, Montreal, Washington DC and the United Kingdom. Our current advanced level visiting instructors are:

Johnny Giraldo
of Salsa Y Control Dance Company, Boston, MA

PsyniiGianni Scott
of Mezzlocutis Dance Company, Washington D.C, Maryland

Ana Masacote
of Masacote Dance Company, Boston, MA

Sekou McMiller
of New York, NY

And more…

Latin dancing is one of the best forms of low impact physical exercise. It keeps individuals fit or lose weight. Dancing also builds self-confidence and enhances social skills. We welcome you to join in our activities and experience the excitement and energy of SalsaLina!

No partner necessary.

If you can walk you have the necessary skills to learn how to dance.

Social Dances in Burlinton VT:

Salsa Fridays @ Social Club with DJ. Jah Red 9pm-11am

Saturdays Caliente @ Red Square nightclub with DJ. Raul 6pm-11pm